New Control360™ App Enables Secure AV Live Capture, Streaming, and Playback for Video-Based Learning and Medical Simulation

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New Control360™ App Enables Secure AV Live Capture, Streaming, and Playback for Video-Based Learning and Medical Simulation

Education Management Solutions, LLC untethers simulation training with a new iPad-driven app for secure capture and sharing of live events across multiple rooms.

San Antonio, TX – January 29, 2019 – Education Management Solutions, LLC (EMS), a leading innovator of simulation management technologies, today announced a new app to compliment their integrated SIMULATIONiQ™ and MEDIASHAREiQ™ platforms: Control360™. The app facilitates secure, easy ad hoc recording and live streaming of simulation room videos using existing AV equipment. Control360 removes the dependency on central AV control systems. The app can manage multiple rooms, including individual camera pan, tilt, and zoom control, all from an intuitive interface. Debriefing is a snap, with captured, bookmarked video from multiple rooms available from the app dashboard.

Enabling secure control and capture of simulation lab exercises, the app untethers instructors, IT staff, and technicians from fixed AV control systems. The app provides on the go flexibility to easily record video-based events on-the-fly and securely share recorded or live events with remote viewers and students.

HIPAA-ready and cyber secure, Control360 removes the headaches and constraints of fixed AV capture systems. With automated integration back into SIMULATIONiQ, and subsequently back to larger learning management systems such as Blackboard®, Canvas®, and D2L®, the Control360 app provides a flexible and mobile solution for on-the-fly management of existing AV hardware for medical education.

“We are always looking at customer workflows and innovating to create a richer experience,” says Anurag Singh, EMS President and CEO. “The challenge with video capture, debriefing, and online learning has been the ability to rapidly capture and develop content. Many institutes have a fixed AV hardware infrastructure. This requires operators to stay in the control room to run equipment and instructors to learn complicated capture interfaces. We wanted to leverage the power of mobile devices to remove the dependency on a stationary control station. With Control360, tech operators have much greater flexibility to manage multiple rooms without being tethered to a fixed desktop. The simple interface frees instructors from having to learn a complicated AV system in order to record and debrief a session. Instructors can easily stream and share what they capture, bringing their remote learners right into the classroom.”

EMS will provide demonstrations of the Control360 app at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) in San Antonio, TX from January 27-29 in booth #125.

About Education Management Solutions

EMS is an industry pioneer in simulation-based solutions for healthcare training environments ranging from clinical simulation management software and hardware, to counselor education, case authoring and virtual patient training. Working alongside subject matter experts, EMS serves as the driving force behind numerous consumer-centered innovations that continue to move the clinical simulation market forward with breakthrough technologies.

As the leader in simulation management technology since its founding in 1994, EMS offers complete turnkey solutions that include integrated software and hardware, design and planning, engineering, configuration, installation, training, file backup, cloud-based eLearning, and support. Visit for more information.

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