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“Building Your SP Program From the Ground Up: Educational, Administrative, and Logistical Issues”

Presented by:
Tony Errichetti, PhD
Director, Doctor-Patient Communication Assessment
National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners

Building a standardized patient (SP) program requires a fair amount of administrative and logistical support, as well as a clear idea of how patient simulations are used as an educational strategy. Often program administrators underestimate the tasks, and the costs, involved in starting and maintaining a program. Indeed, using SPs is more than just role playing, but rather it is a sophisticated approach to teaching and assessing clinical skills. 

This webinar will present a brief overview of the following issues: 
• How SPs are used to teach and assess skills 
• SP recruiting and screening 
• Volunteer vs. paid SPs 
• Dedicated space and equipment 
• SP educators and their role in preparing SPs 
• Quality Control and Quality Assurance measures 
• Metrics for assessing your SP program’s value

Sponsored by The Global Institute for Simulation Training, the educational arm of Education Management Solutions.

Join us on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 at 1:00 PM EDT (12:00 pm CDT; 11:00 am MDT; 10:00 am PDT) for this free and informational webinar.

Webinars are one hour in length. Space is limited!

Click here to register for this FREE Webinar!

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