Healthcare Scenarios

Leadership Scenario

Migration to New System

Implementation of a new system that can maintain the client’s expertise, and requires constant reassessment, and extensive study and practice of hospital systems and clinical rotation schedules.

The EMS Solution:

EMS’ AI-powered SIMULATIONiQ CORE integrated solution provides clients with an integrated analytics dashboard, enabling multiple layers of user data for comprehensive competency assessment, curriculum mapping, learner performance, and progression tracking across the entirety of their residency.

Instructor Scenario

Train the Trainers

Healthcare practitioner’s skill training and adoption for a new system or migration to an updated system across multiple departments / specialties.

Medical Simulation Scenarios

The EMS Solution:

EMS’ SIMULATIONiQ Core solutions deliver immediate debriefing so instructors and students can seamlessly record and capture in-situ training using the integrated SIMULATIONiQ Portable, SIMULATIONiQ Mobile, and VideoCAPTURE solutions. This enables instructors to provide prompt and accurate feedback, ensuring that learning takes place in real-time.

Users can also benefit from secure and seamless access to both live and recorded video, available anytime and anywhere through any device, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. With true live view capabilities, department staff can remotely monitor and assess training, facilitating collaboration and learning across different locations.

Moreover, the system integrates with video conferencing tools, enabling live streaming of recorded sessions and scenarios to increase student engagement and immersion in the learning experience. This feature creates a more collaborative and dynamic learning environment and provides students with a closer approximation to real-world healthcare situations.

To enhance the efficiency of onboarding and user experience, EMS provides a TotalCAREiQ specialized training package, tailored to an organization’s needs. This training package ensures that users can efficiently navigate the ins and outs of the system, maximizing their ability to effectively use and leverage the integrated solutions.

Learner Scenario

Continuous Training & Learner Adoption

Need for residents to adapt to new deliverables with skill-based parameters and assessments across multiple areas.

The EMS Solution:

EMS’ curriculum mapping and assessment tracking solutions are easy-to-use for residents across different departments. The platform is dynamic and can be customized, providing the users with a holistic overview of their performance, enabling them to track the areas where they may need to optimize.

EMS Simulation Solutions - Portable Camera

Mobile Scenario

Training on the Move

Need for simulation training outside of traditional classrooms to provide more flexibility and increase training effectiveness.

The EMS Solution:

EMS’s Training in Motion® video capture solution enables administrators to easily capture, review, and share simulation training anywhere, any time. Because of its portability and flexibility, health system trainers can ensure their staff receives consistent and high-level training which translates to better patient outcomes and increased efficiency.

Because of its ability to conduct training anywhere, Training in Motion® eliminates the need to invest in dedicated training spaces and features quick setup which saves time and cost by maximizing available training time.

Training in Motion® easily expands to allow for program growth without major investment, and its emphasis on usability decreases learning curves allowing trainers to focus on professional development, not technology.

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