EDUCATIONiQ™ Healthcare Education Technology

Manage and Assess Didactic Learning, Simulation Training, and Clinical Rotations Within One Unified Ecosystem

Innovative Technology in Healthcare Education

Education Management Solutions’ newly integrated EDUCATIONiQ healthcare education technology ecosystem is a modular solution developed to unify and enhance healthcare education programs. It is supported by:

  • SIMULATIONiQ™ to capture, organize, and analyze simulation training activities
  • Competency to manage clinical rotations and assess curriculum and learner competencies
  • MEDIASHAREiQ™ to develop and deliver video-based and hybrid didactic online learning content

With an extensible lineup of mobile apps to facilitate learning in the field and on the go, EDUCATIONiQ adapts to each unique learning modality.

Whether your institution needs a smaller-scale solution, multi-site enterprise system, or anything in-between, EDUCATIONiQ sets the standard for technology in healthcare education.

Integrate Healthcare Education Technology Across Your Curriculum

Integrate Healthcare Education Technology Across Your Curriculum

Didactic Learning

Simulation Training

Clinical Rotations

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Transform Your Healthcare Education Technology Infrastructure

Aggregate Data, Monitor Curriculum, and Track Student Performance

Aggregate Data, Monitor Curriculum, and Track Student Performance

EMS is transforming technology in healthcare education with flexible, hybrid-ready solutions to meet your program’s evolving needs in 2022 and beyond. Our comprehensive healthcare education technology platform aggregates curriculum and learner performance data across online, didactic, clinical, and simulation-based training modules, giving you the power to manage and analyze your programs like never before—within a single, unified learning ecosystem.

Take your healthcare education program into the future with EDUCATIONiQ!

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