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Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S.* Simulation-based training is a key to reversing this trend, especially for clinicians working in high-stakes hospital environments.

But with ever-increasing patient workloads, electronic healthcare record documentation requirements, and mandates for continuing accreditation, many practitioners are unable to allot time for training exercises in their daily schedules. Furthermore, clinicians may work far away from a hospital’s simulation center, on different floors, or in separate buildings, making it impossible to participate in training without being taken away from their patients.

But at Texas Children’s Hospital, the simulation team realized they could take sim out of the Center. Dan Feux, Systems Specialist, explains, “By having an in-situ setup on the in-patient acute care floor, we can train a step away from the nurses station, pulling people into the scenario from their rounds. If there’s any kind of real emergency, we can stop immediately.”

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