Montgomery County Department of Public Safety Unifies Emergency Medical Training with SIMULATIONiQ EMT Cloud™

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SIMULATIONiQ EMT Cloud accelerates critical Emergency Medical Services training, consolidating multiple training systems to support FEMA Regional Task Force preparedness

The Montgomery County Department of Public Safety is a critical hub for regional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) training.. Attracting learners from a tri-state region, the department has a large, ongoing cohort of participants.

With classes held year-round, the Department of Public Safety’s EMS Training Institute has a large, expanding mission set with limited resources. Local demand for paramedics, and few options available at other local training facilities, has added to the department’s training requirements comprised of an online curriculum component, an immersive training/simulation component, and a live component, including observational and participatory ride-alongs with local, regional, and tri-state ambulance and hospital emergency staff.

The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), the credentialing authority for paramedic certification, has also recently increased the simulation requirements for certification, adding complexity to the Level 3 Paramedic program. Department of Public Safety staff were challenged to meet the new requirements—and recognized a critical need to move to a flexible solution to support the rapid development and distribution of training content for local, regional, and tri-state public safety teams.

Education Management Solutions’ (EMS) SIMULATIONiQ EMT Cloud™ was the answer. SIMULATIONiQ EMT Cloud is an all-in-one, web-based learning management system that supports EMT-specific lecture-based, online, and live simulation. Ideally suited for end-to-end EMR, EMT, AEMT, and paramedic training, SIMULATIONiQ EMT Cloud supports the full spectrum of education and training to meet and exceed accreditation requirements for Emergency Medical training programs.

“The demand for emergency response training across our region is growing daily. Our professional emergency responders must have access to training on demand to meet local and regional disaster and emergency preparedness requirements,” said Anurag Singh, EMS President and CEO. “We value our partnership with Montgomery County Department of Public Safety in developing SIMULATIONiQ EMT Cloud, which centralizes training across their emergency preparedness and paramedic programs.”

The solution includes all-weather cameras for video recording, support equipment, and an online content management platform, and enables paramedic instructors in Montgomery County to easily broadcast live video lectures, create online course and assessment content, capture and evaluate simulation exercises, leverage embedded NREMT certification checklists, and live stream critical infrastructure public safety announcements.

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