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August 2 @ 2PM EDT

“The Observer Role in Healthcare Simulation: An Underutilised Learning Opportunity”

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Presented by: 
Stephanie O’Regan, RN, BN, MHSM, MHSc(Ed) 
Nurse Manager, Senior Instructor 
Sydney Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre 
Sydney, Australia

Abstract: As simulation becomes increasingly used in healthcare education, there is pressure on a number of active participants in a simulation scenario. There is also a perception that the learner is the only active participant. However, there is evidence that observers of simulation can learn effectively, provided that they are given direction (O’Regan, Molloy, Watterson, & Nestel, 2016).

The purpose of this presentation is to provide strategies for improving learning for observers, both through an understanding what makes observers become active observers and a consideration of factors that impact upon satisfaction in the observer role.

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