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Is your clinical education or simulation-based training program ready to deliver virtual learning in the event of a school or campus-wide closure from coronavirus? Do your administrators, instructors, and teachers have the tools needed to continue educating and keep your curriculum on track during an extended university or training program shut down?  
This week, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was officially declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, and as of March 12 has been reported in nearly 115 countries and 39 US states and District of Columbia*, with the threat of additional city and community-wide outbreaks looming. This has prompted the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to recommend that schools develop a plan of action for reducing the risk of introduction and spread of this highly communicable illness. 
Administrators and educators can help by deploying common sense coronavirus prevention actions for students and staff, including emphasizing actions such as staying home when sick; appropriately covering coughs and sneezes; cleaning frequently touched surfaces; washing hands often; and creating communication plans for use with the school community. 
Beyond that, schools are preparing for the possibility of short and long-term closures—and addressing the urgent need for remote education learning plans. 
Dozens of prominent colleges and universities across the US have already announced immediate closures or are enacting emergency contingencies which allow their student populations to complete the semester remotely. This has left administrators and educators scrambling for tools to help them seamlessly make the switch to online or video-based learning. Fortunately, technology can help. 
How has your clinical education program been impacted by COVID-19? 
Here are five ways cloud-based clinical education and simulation-based training management technology can streamline even the most complex traditional-to-remote learning program transitions. 

1. Built-in online workflows 
Take charge of your remote operations with your cloud-based management platform’s centralized healthcare simulation management hub! Enhanced, built-in online workflows allow you to leverage cases and scenarios via your computer or mobile device, grant dedicated dashboard task access for learners, and customize remote learning parameters specific to your program requirements—no matter where you’re located. 
2. Integrated teleconferencing 
Your cloud-based simulation management solution makes it possible to seamlessly deliver and capture live encounters and sim sessions via the built-in telemedicine and teleconferencing capabilities. Simply and easily schedule simulated sessions between learners and SPs, facilitate remote training with integrated video conferencing, debrief and review clinical decision making with learners, and more. 
3. Enhanced mobility 
Take your clinical training activities out of the sim center and into the palm of your hand—and beyond. Enhance key workflows and simulation operations with a suite of integrated companion apps equipped with innovative technology that’s right at your fingertips. Enjoy apps that allow you to: record and debrief from anywhere; view live and recorded videos via a computer, tablet, or hand-held device; and measure your simulation program’s efficiency and track key performance indicators (KPIs). 
4. Fused didactic, online, and simulation learning 
Keep your students engaged and on track with curriculum-driven coursework even though they’re learning remotely. Your simulation management platform‘s optional course module allows you to quickly migrate not only your simulation to a virtual environment, but to manage your didactic as well with the delivery of live lecturesPlus, count on HD-quality mobile or fixed-camera live streaming to establish a standardized, classroom-like experience in real-time that improves interaction and ensures all remote learners can participate at the same baseline.
5. Consulting services and support 
Need to prepare for a coronavirus school closure, in the midst of a traditional-to-remote learning program transition, or simply exploring your online learning technology options? EMS is offering consulting services to help programs migrate your curriculum into the cloud! Click here to schedule your free consultation. 

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